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Accounting Special Supplement ++ (English Version - SSC 2023 Short Syllabus)
শ্রেণি : মাধ্যমিক
বিভাগ : ব্যবসায় শিক্ষা
সংস্করণ : ২০২২
পৃষ্ঠা : ৫৭৬
সর্বোচ্চ খুচরা মূল্য (MRP): ৫৫০ টাকা

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Chapter-wise Exam Preparation
This section has been prepared according to the revised shortened syllabus provided by NCTB. Each chapter starts with the Revised Short Syllabus of the chapter and the Learning Outcomes and Number-based Analysis of Board Exam questions. The MCQs have been arranged topic-wise whereas the CQs are presented according to their learning outcomes.

Instructions for solving Pragmatic Problems
Information & formulae related to Pragmatic Problems are given here. Proficiency over these will help you to solve related problems easily.

Board Exam Questions and Solutions
Creative Essay-type and Multiple Choice Questions of the Board Exams of previous years have been provided chapter-wise. You will get a clear idea about the questions and solutions of Board Exams by practising this section prepared according to the revised short syllabus.

Test Exam Questions and Solutions of Renowned Schools
Having analysed the question papers of renowned schools, we have provided the questions and solutions included in the revised short syllabus in a chapter-wise format. The practice of this section will sharpen your preparation.

Learning Outcome-based Unique Questions and Solutions
Unique questions and solutions from important learning outcomes have been provided besides those from Board and Test Exams. The practice of these questions will help you solutions any question from the Revised Short Syllabus.

Chapter-wise Model Test
A complete model test has been provided at the end of each chapter. You can evaluate your preparation by taking it.

Super Suggestion: Exam 2023
The Suggestion has been prepared by Board Examiners, Question Paper Moderators and Specialist Teachers based on the revised short syllabus. It includes Chapter-wise and Topic-based Suggestions with rating.

Exclusive Model Test
Model Tests prepared from important questions of Board Exams, Question Papers of Top-Ranked Schools and Analysis of Learning Outcomes according to the revised shortened syllabus have been provided here. Take these tests at home and assess your preparation. The practice of this section will help you complete your preparation.