About Us

Panjeree Publications Ltd is the leading publication in Bangladesh.
  • Who We Are?

    imagePanjeree is a leading and trusted name in the publication arena of Bangladesh. It is rich with an array of large collections of both academic and creative books.

    With a view to bring about a far-reaching pragmatic change in this field, Panjeree started its journey in 1994; and meeting all the challenges, it finally became a limited company in 2000. Initially, Panjeree kept its scope limited to publishing educational books. However, with the years of experience in the publication sector of Bangladesh, it has significantly expanded its reach to all wings of publications while ensuing a modern approach. Keeping the linguistic competence and tastes of different age groups in mind, Panjeree has been one of the best publishing companies in Bangladesh.

    Panjeree has already achieved distinction in publishing creative works, particularly in children’s literature. Realizing the importance of the young readers, we have been successfully publishing reference books, novels, poetry books, comics, travelogues, classics in translation for the juveniles that have created a culture of reading among them.

    Our commitment to publish quality books has received wide acclamation. Crossing the borders, Panjeree has already earned commendation as a result of our endeavor to expand our market and activities in India, the UK and other parts of Europe, the USA, Australia, and few other countries.

    Our contributors include a diverse panel of distinguished academics, researchers, acclaimed and award winning writers and editors. We also have a strong team of in-house editors and specialist proofreaders. Our state-of-the-art distribution management team has set an outstanding example by establishing a well-knit distribution network and an international standard bookshop chain, PBS. It is one of the most popular bookstores in Bangladesh. PBS organizes year round book fairs all over the country.

    As we make a steady progress to achieve our goal of becoming a global name, we are also pledge bound to help achieve the aims of UNESCO’s ‘Books for Everyone’ and Bangladesh Government’s ‘Education for All’. We are trying to build a future where passion for reading will be one of the key parameters of a society’s progress.

  • Board of Directors

    imageWe are a private company limited by shares incorporated in Bangladesh with the following structure:

    Md. Kawser Hassan, Chairman

    Md. Abdullah Al Baki, Managing Director

    Kamrul Hasan Shayok, Director

    Mohammed Shazedul Islam, Director

    Sunil Kumar Dhar, Director

    Anup Kumar Dey, Director

  • Working Area

    The Working area of our publications are as follows:

    Textbooks: We publish textbooks of all classes.

    Reference Books: Reference books from SSC to Degree/Honours level and for general readers and researchers.

    Computer Books: We have computer books for children, office executives, freshers and young professionals.

    Creative Books: Both fiction & non-fiction.

    Magazine: We have been publishing a monthly magazine since 2003 named “Panjeree Shiksha Sambad”. Different features, news and articles on career, education and information are published in this magazine.

    Multimedia CD: Specially for child education.

    Export: We export books to India and the UK. We eye on other countries as our buyers.

    Import: We import high quality children books from India and have plans to import viable books from other countries.

  • Departments

    We have well organized departments to accomplish our mission.

    Selection of Books: We always try to publish books that are deemed to be essential to our readers. We emphasise the creativity of the students providing them with sufficient support to attain the expected level of success. Our books target different age groups.
    Production of Books: We have developed a very strong infrastructure to produce sufficient books in consistent with market demand.
    Quality Control: We prepare scripts by experts of a particular area of knowledge. Sufficient experts are engaged to edit and proofread with a view to ensuring quality production. We have a chain of hi-tech printers and binders to elevate our production to the highest level of quality. In fact, our principle is 'quality first'.

    A pool of authors and editors is working with us. It comprises eminent educationists, researchers and writers across the country. Before joining us, writers and editors have to undergo a rigorous selection process.

    We have a team of smart and dedicated members to coordinate in-house pree-press, printing presses and binding houses.

    We own a strong book marketing management. Under this management we have a countrywide marketing network. We have a dealer and a marketing officer in every Upazilla (sub-district). We have two central sales centres at Banglabazar also. We regularly advertise our books through print and electronic media, posters, leaflets, etc. and our own website.

    We have developed our own database programming managed by a well-trained team.

  • Future Targets

    Our commitment to publish quality books is being appreciated all over the country and have the dream as follows

    • Help government to succeed in “Education for all” programme
    • Publish age-wise books for all ages. (2+ to 50+)
    • Complete guide for each and every person
    • Produce CD / electronic publications for all ages
    • Develop all types of educational materials