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English First Paper Special Supplement ++ (SSC 2025)
শ্রেণি : মাধ্যমিক
বিভাগ : সকল
সংস্করণ : ২০২৪
পৃষ্ঠা : ৬০৮
সর্বোচ্চ খুচরা মূল্য (MRP): ৩৮০ টাকা

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বইটির বৈশিষ্ট্য:
The main features of the book are –

• Ample MCQs, Short Questions, Gap Filling under ‘Seen Comprehension’ and Information Transfer questions under Unseen Comprehension based on the analysis of the Board Questions and Test Exam Questions of renowned schools.

• Sufficient number of Matching and Rearranging based on previous Board and Test Exam questions.

• Enriched with the most important as well as recent topics of the Writing part (paragraph, completing a story, graph & chart, informal letter, e-mail and dialogue) based on the analysis of the Board questions and the topmost school’s Test Exam questions.

• Easy, clear and contextual Bangla translation where necessary, in order to make the practice easier for the learners.

• Supportive hints for answering MCQs.

Also included–
* Board and Test Exam Questions Analysis
* Exclusive Suggestions with highest common possibility
* NCTB Provided sample Question and Answer
* Exclusive Model Test and Answers
* Board Question and Answer: SSC Exam 2024 & 2023