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An Easy Way to Learning & Assessment - Islamic Studies (English Version)
Class :Nine (English Version)
Edition : 2024
Page :320
Maximum Retail Price (MRP): 430 Taka

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• At the beginning of each chapter, students will find the “Lesson-related Topics” section
• Students will find a unique idea about the topics related to the chapter where the data required from various sources to perform the activity
• Knowledge-based and skill-based questions and solutions have been provided for further practice
• Sample answers with proper instructions have been provided to solve textbook activities
• A chart is provided named “ Assessment Indicator Chart.” Through this guardians can easily teach their children at home
• More activities are provided in this section for more preparation by following the Textbook and Teacher’s Guide
• At the end of each chapter, a Learning Experience-based Assessment Chart has been provided to record student’s data indicating the Performance Indicators
• A section contains the full solution of project/group work/report, etc.
• Also provided the Subject-wise assessment instruction manual for Half-Yearly and Annual Summative Assessments
• Similar samples are given for practice through which students can prepare themselves to participate in Summative Assessment